The Our Greenway plan is deeply rooted in the strength of community. The team and supporters behind it have come together to ensure that northwest Toronto benefits from investments supporting the creation of a resilient and equitable city.

Darnel Harris (Executive Director)

International Green Talents Award winner, Darnel Harris, is a planner and community activist, who has spent the last four years in an effort to break down barriers to mobility for all ages and abilities in Toronto’s northwest. With a passion for space animation, mobility and sustainability, he has forwarded research and facilitated dialogue towards advancing equitable and dignified mobility. The community action plan he produced is the foundation of the Mobility Greenway.

Michelle Francis

Through her more than 10-year career in Architecture and Design Media, Michelle developed a passion for urban planning, believing that great planning could be a path to a great community. Michelle joined the Jane Finch Community Action Planning Group (CAPG) in 2012. Michelle is actively organizing with local residents to advocate for good jobs, opportunities, and a community hub from the future Finch West LRT.

Mary Chong

Mary is the Vice President of Business Development and Operations at Revelo Electric, whose mission is to create clean and efficient portable transportation solutions. She has extensive technical and leadership experience developed over 34 years in the IT industry in various worldwide leadership roles.

Discussing the benefits of the Mobility Greenway over a meal at Plaza Latina
Discussing the benefits of the Mobility Greenway over a meal at Plaza Latina