North West Toronto


Come learn about our free seniors’ e-rickshaw program to reconnect our elderly community members with nature, their community, and the world around them.

The Right To Wind In Your Hair

What is Cycling Without Age (CWA)?

Cycling Without Age is a 100% volunteer organization that takes the elderly and less-abled citizens out for free bike rides in specialized bicycles called trishaws. This global program has grown rapidly throughout the world and is now represented in 37 countries with more than 1,100 chapter locations (58 in Canada), using over 1,500 trishaws with over 10,000 volunteers involved. Over 50,000 seniors have been on rides. The oldest registered volunteer pilot is 89 years of age and the oldest passenger 106 years! The Trishaws cycle 2.2 million km a year, equivalent to 53 times around the world. 

The idea of Cycling Without Age is simple -the effects are profound. There is no fee to participants. It is all through volunteerism – through the simple act of generosity and kindness.

The elderly often experience a loss of mobility leading to social isolation, loneliness and depression. Cycling Without Age provides the elderly and less-abled with an opportunity to remain an active part of society and to experience life beyond the confines of their residence or nursing home. The program gives them the right to wind in their hair, the ability to connect with nature, and the chance to share their stories.