We know that mobility in communities across the northwest remains challenging - and transit alone won't address the need. That is why businesses, residents and organizations across northwest Toronto have taken this opportunity to come together to re-imagine our underutilized spaces and turn them into the community assets we deserve. Much like the successful push to get City Council to support the idea of building a Jane and Finch Community Hub, this plan is the result of years of rigorous and ongoing dialogue.


Residents, local businesses,  entrepreneurs and Business Improvement Areas across northwest Toronto have told us that they fear the construction disruption will cost them their livelihoods, as they have seen on Eglinton and St. Clair West. People must be able to access the local goods and services they rely on. Emergency services also need a reliable pathway to bypass gridlock and save lives. A comfortable and wide pathway - a Mobility Greenway - will be open for use as soon as each section is completed, and provide transformative mobility options that will benefit residents and businesses daily.

Join us in supporting Our Greenway Conservancy's plan and help us unlock the Community Benefits that our communities deserve!

- The Our Greenway Team

Sign the Petition

One way to help would be to sign the petition supporting the plan and to pass it along to friends and colleagues to sign!


We are fundraising to support Our Greenway Conservancy, and create additional illustrations and outreach materials to ensure the Mobility Greenway is constructed as the community has envisioned – a Complete Street that works for the suburbs!


Follow us on Twitter, and use the hashtags #OurGreenway and #MobilityGreenway to tell everyone why building this pathway is important to you! 

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“After COVID, there’s been a lot of talk about how we’re all in in together,” Mr. Harris said this week, “of building back better and dealing with the social determinants of health. This is what that looks like.”

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The Greenway effect

What effect would #OurGreenway have on northwest Toronto? Lets examine the benefits that a similar Greenway has brought to Indianapolis, and consider the Ontario context.

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